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Budget Screen Repair is one of the highest-rated pool & patio screen enclosure repair companies in Central Florida. We specialize in unique services in repairing & restoring pool & patio screen enclosures, new patio lanai builds, enclosure hardware repairs/new installations & more! With outstanding TOP customer service, great workmanship & competitive pricing. You can’t go anywhere else!

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Budget Screen Repair is a family-owned and operated business that has been servicing Florida customers since 2016. We pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship, exceptional products, and outstanding customer service to all of our new clients. Our competitive prices and unbeatable warranties are what keeps you coming back for more!

You can trust Budget Screen Repair with your next project; we will make sure it’s done right the first time!

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Pool & Patio Full Enclosure Re-Screen

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Pool & Patio Full Re-Screen

Want to re-screen your pool or patio screen enclosure? Then call Budget Screen Repair for proper, quality & prompt service on your screen enclosure. Your screen enclosure area will look clean, new & also protect your family & you while enjoying the outdoors. So y’all can continue to make beautiful & valuable family memories.

PLEASE CALL BUDGET SCREEN REPAIR if you are in seek for a trusted quality contractor, to properly service your screen enclosure.

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Patio Lanai Enclosure Installation

We offer a variety of different quality product options when building your new patio lanai enclosure. In this and “All” service processes, we provide the best quality aluminum extrusion, screen mesh, and team professionals to complete a proper, quality, and neatly detailed patio lanai enclosure installation. 

We welcome your family and you to the experience of a neat and tranquil ambiance in your blessed home patio area that y’all deserve. No longer let Insects keep you away from relaxation. CALL BUDGET SCREEN REPAIR TODAY!

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Pool & Patio Screen Enclosure Screen Repair

Whether you have a single or multiple damaged screen panels on your screen enclosure, BUDGET SCREEN REPAIR is at your service no matter how big or small the repair. Not only we repair pool & patio screen enclosures, we also repair the screens on windows and sliding doors. 


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Pool & Patio Screen Enclosure Hardware Repairs/New Installations

With your current pool or patio screen enclosure, we can repair almost anything. If your are in need of any hardware repairs or new installations on your pool or patio screen enclosure. Please click on the “Learn More” link below to prompt you to this specific service page. 

As you can learn more about what repairs and new installations we offer. Or DON’T HESITATE TO CALL US!

A List Of Some Of Our Frequently Asked Questions

Repairing it yourself isn’t that expensive. The real cost comes from the amount of time you have to put into learning & repairing your pool cage. For example, let’s say you have if you have a blown-out pool screen due to a hurricane. Go to your nearby home improvement center & purchase these items before you start your repairs.

  • Needle nose pliers
  • screening clips
  • roller tool
  • mesh screening
  • flat spline
  • utility knife

Now let’s get started first start by stripping the old material mesh & the spline. Next start by applying the new screen mesh & apply the clips to keep the mesh in place make sure to start from the top because it will make your life so much easier. Trust us we do this everyday. Next apply the spline with the roller tool across the frame. last step is the out the excess mesh & now you have successfully repaired your pool screen. 


It’s safe to keep your pool screen mesh for around ten to twelve years but honestly it depends on the current quality of the mesh itself. Here are some factors/signs you can use to have an understanding of your pool screen’s quality.

  • Does your pool screen have algae
  • Does your pool screen have blown-out screens
  • Do you have extensive damages do you have on your pool screen
  • Are bugs flying inside your pool screen patio?
  • Is your pool screen mesh becoming brittle & flimsy?

If you feel unsure it is better to be safe than sorry & replace/repair your pool screen. Alternatively you can also have us inspect your pool screen if you want our expert opinion.

Essentially you will be patching the hole of your pool screen mesh & this repair will take one tool & two materials. Have a utility knife ready, purchase the required material mesh for your screen & lastly, buy silicone caulking to apply on the edges of the screen mesh. The process to repairing it is simple.

  • first cut out the little patch you will use for the hole
  • Second apply the silicone caulking into the edges of the new patch material.
  • Apply over the whole & make sure to clean off any excess silicone caulking to patch your pool screen mesh. 

Once finished on making the repairs to your screen mesh holes then that’s it. 

First off the best time to consider clearing & cleaning your gutter is through the autumn & spring season. The process for gutter cleaning is simple but there are some useful tools that can be fasten the process significantly. 

  • Consider using your water hose or your pressure washer to clean your gutters doing so will drastically save you time & get rid of the hard to reach areas * 

When starting your gutter cleaning process make sure to bring a step ladder that can support itself otherwise you will damage the frame of your gutters because they simply can’t support your weight. alternatively, you can also clean your gutters while being on your roof but this method is not recommended since there are more falling hazards than using a step ladder. While cleaning make sure to wear waterproof gloves. That’s pretty much it just take your time & watch for any roof/shingle debris since that can indicate a sign of a roof leak.


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